Certification Designation and Renewal

    Designation of Certification

    The LNCC® credential is awarded to those who successfully complete the certification process by meeting the eligibility criteria and passing a written multiple-choice examination. Those who achieve certification are designated as Legal Nurse Consultant Certified and may use the LNCC® credential after their names.

    LNCC® certification is valid for a period of five years from the last day of the month in which the examination was passed.

    For additional information regarding certification, please download the exam handbook and application.

    Certification Renewal

    Renewal of certification is available by examination or by continuing education. In order to renew certification, LNCCs must have a current, unrestricted RN license, evidence of 2000 hours of legal nurse consulting practice within the five years prior to renewal, and either pass the LNCC® examination or submit 60 contact hours which meet specified criteria. There will be a fee to renew by examination and to renew by contact hours; these fees will be similar.

    Information about renewing certification will be sent approximately one year prior to certification expiration. It is the responsibility of the LNCC® to notify the ALNCCB of any change in address and to obtain renewal information to meet renewal deadlines. There is no appeal or deadline extension based on failure to receive renewal notices. Questions related to renewing certification should be directed to the ALNCCB.

    For additional information regarding renewals, please access the recertification handbook and application