Past Publications

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    Spring: Implantable Devices

    Summer: Roles in Litigation Support


    Spring: Perioperative Care

    Summer: Issues in the ED

    Fall: Subcontracting and Legal Nurse Consulting

    Winter: Nursing Practice and New Nurse Author Supplement


    Spring: FDA and Product Liability

    Summer: EHR Revisited

    Fall: Trials, Jury Prep

    Winter: Pediatric and Adolescent Legal Issues


    Spring: Niche Roles in LNC

    Summer: Interventional Radiology

    Fall: Brain Injury

    Winter: Employment Law and New Author Supplement


    Spring: Research in LNC

    Summer: LNC Written Work Products

    Fall: Infection

    Winter: Forensics


    Spring: The Business of LNC

    Summer: Electronic Medical Records

    Fall: Expert Witnessing

    Winter: Safety


    Spring: Liability Lessons part I, Dental Implants, and Nursing Malpractice

    Summer: Elders

    Winter: LNC in Criminal Law


    Spring: Legal Documents Part 2, Acute Pain Management, and Medication Management

    Fall: Liability Lessons, and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation


    Spring: Pressure Ulcers, and Wound Healing

    Fall: Breast Cancer Case, Legal Documents, and High Pressure Injection Injury


    Spring: The Origins and Evolution of Legal Nurse Consulting

    Summer: Traumatic Brain Injury, The Drug Addicted Nurse, and Plastic Surgery

    Winter: First Employment, Adjusting to Electronic Records, and Standards of Care


    Fall: Legal Considerations, Repetitive Strain Injury, and Moral Accountability

    Summer: Case Management Consent, Evidence-Based Practice, and Low Back Pain part II

    Spring: Standards for Nurse Expert Witnesses, and Low Back Pain

    Winter: VBAC, Electronic Fetal Monitoring, and Ethics and Issues in Contemporary Nursing


    Fall: Importance of Social Security, New Technology, and Medical Records and Libraries

    Spring: Hydrocephalus, and Unnecessary Drugs in Nursing Facilities

    Winter: DUI's, Daylight Obstetrics, and Unanticipated Medical Outcomes


    Fall: The Expert Witnesses

    Summer: Risk Management, Effective Medical Chronology, and LNCExchange

    Spring: LNC in the Government

    Winter: Obstetric Nursing, and Expert Testimony


    Fall: Perinatal Morbidity and Mortality

    Summer: Medicare Set-Asides

    Spring:Medical Literature, and Nursing Expertise

    Winter: Expert Witness, Medical Malpractice, and Neonatal Resuscitation


    Fall: Organ Donation, Mold Litigation, and Registered Nurse Practitioners

    Summer: Nursing Malpractice, Informed Consent, and Malnutrition

    Spring: Bloodless Care, Life Care Plan, and Vioxx

    Winter: Nutrition, Bloodless Care, E-Health, and Technological Skills


    Fall: Fetal Resuscitation, Oxycontin, and Information Literacy

    Summer: Information Literacy, and Neuropsychological Testing

    Spring: Pediatrics, Occupational Therapy, and Emergency Medical Treatment

    Winter: Pain Management, and Exploring Conventional and Alternative Therapies


    Fall: Investigation and Analysis

    Summer: Roles of the LNC

    Spring: Women's Health Issues and Elderly Abuse

    Winter: Forensics


    Fall: Liability and Negligence

    Summer: Credentialing Claims