Practice Exam

    Are you planning to sit for an upcoming LNCC® exam? If so, you'll want to access the newly updated online Practice Exam to assist in your exam preparation.

    AALNC is pleased to announce that the newly revised computer-based Practice Exam developed by the Certification Board is now available to prospective LNCC® candidates. Non-AALNC Members, please click here to register for the online practice exam. The fee is $150.

    After clicking the above Iso-Quality link, click the Register link in order to setup an account to access the LNCC Practice Exam.  

    AALNC Members, please contact us at info@aalnc.org to register for the online practice exam. The fee is $125.

    The LNCC credential is the only legal nurse consulting credential approved by the American Board of Nursing Specialties.

    PLEASE NOTE: Although participation in the Practice Exam is a highly desired study resource for LNCC candidates, it is not required to sit for the exam and does not give an advantage over candidates who do not choose to use it. A passing score on the practice exam in no way guarantees that a candidate will pass the LNCC® exam. There are many LNCC exam study resources available and the practice exam is not a substitute for education and experience.